Luxury Handmade Wear



Urban Suave is your invitation to a world of bespoke tailoring, designed to empower your individuality and exude unwavering confidence.
We combine meticulous craftsmanship with an unparalleled client experience, crafting garments as unique as you are.

Experience the pinnacle of bespoke tailoring, meticulously crafted to your specifications and embodying your personal style. You can enjoy the luxury of personalized service at your preferred location – your office, hotel, or our sophisticated showroom.
Urban Suave is quintessentially South African, catering to the man who values both style and practicality.
Your Journey Begins Here.
Step into our chic showroom and let our expert stylists guide you. Savor a complimentary glass of cognac, premium whiskey, or a cup of coffee as you explore a world of exquisite fabrics and handcrafted details. We offer a curated selection of high-end shoe samples to complete your bespoke look.